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The Foul Bowel, written by, John Bradley, a real Crohn's sufferer, is a candid, humorous and inspiring user's guide to living with Crohn's disease which distills experience and hope into 101 tips for the newly diagnosed, the discouraged veterans and the resigned-to-their-fate Crohnies. It won't cure you, but WILL make you feel better about being a Crohnie.

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"All doctors, nurses, caregivers and patients should read this book...John Bradley is the Stephen King of inflamed bowels." 

“You can cry a little, laugh a lot, and learn invaluable lessons about living with Crohn’s.”  

“I laughed out loud, snickered, chortled and cried.”  

 “One warning though, laughing while reading this did make my stitches hurt!"

Join me on my Crohn's saga - good and bad, funny and sad - it will inform you, amuse you and inspire you on how to make the most of being a Crohnie.